8 Best Stress Relief Games on Android & iOS

Smart phones are called "smart" because they have many reasons. Smartphones also help us in daily tasks, such as getting up on time or setting alarms for things to do at a certain time. Android smartphones can also reduce stress, reduce depression, or eliminate anxiety by the presence of a number of game applications available on the Google Play Store and iOs Store. Everyone who has experienced stress for some reason, must have used various types of applications to make them look more relaxed. Some of them depend on games and others may install health applications. While in this article, highlights the best Android games or iOS to reduce stress levels and also relieve depression. Listed below are some of the best games that are not only able to relax, but also calm back from anxiety and stress. With this game you will be able to easily fight stress because it has a pleasant and soothing voice or has easy and uncomplicated game rules. Immediately, here are 8 of the best stress relief games on Android smartphones and iOS!

1. Breath of light

The Breath of Light game has a special soundtrack that resembles hypnosis. This game has a puzzle where you have to reposition the rock repeatedly. After the stone is set correctly, the stone will come alive. Because there is no time limit, this game is perfect for relieving stress. You will play this game with background music that has its own pace to complete each level. The Breath of Light game can only be played on iOS and not Android. 

2. Prune

Prune is available for Android and iOS. This is a premium game which means you have to make a purchase before installing the application. Prune is a game that is easy, relaxed, and comfortable as your gaming experience. All that is needed is to cut unnecessary objects and objects from the bonsai tree. And clearly, keep everything that is really important to grow the tree in perfect condition. The color palette used is more monochrome. Yup, Prune is one of the best games to calm your mind and reduce your stress. 

3. Monument Valley

This game is available on the Google Play Store and iTunes. Monument Valley is a depiction of M.C. Escher visual illusion. Although this game is a puzzle game, but Monument Valley has more attention to its users. The reason this game is called Monument Valley is because this game is about navigating through puzzles. The colors in this game are bold but simple with bells and beeps in the background, where the sound of these bells will later reduce your stress level.

4. Pigment

Another stress reliever game, Pigment, runs on both Android and iOS mobile phone operating systems. This game is basically a coloring application where there are many colors to color the images contained in the game. In addition, this game is a premium application that is not too expensive, but is very effective in reducing stress if you have tried it. 

5. Hearthstone

This free game requires no fees to download it, and is available on Android and iOS. Actually this game is not too easy but it attracts attention and is able to relieve stress because this game is very easy to play. It has simple controls and only plays cards. 

6. Alto's Adventure

Everyone has ever played the game, will definitely like this Alto’s Adventure. This game is one of the adventure games on Android that will never make you bored. At Alto’s Adventure, you run, ride, and jump in different places with stunning views, where the scenery in this game can later reduce and maybe also as a stress reliever. 

7. Neko Atsume

Neko Atsume is another free stress relief game for Android and iOS. Because this is a cat collection game, you will see lots of toys and snacks for these cats. In this game, you have to feed the cat. This game is very simple, very simple, and very easy to play, so it might not make you more stressed. 

8. Drop 7

You will immediately know this game is a puzzle game from the first time you saw it. Drop 7 requires a quick calculation when you start the game by inserting numbered circles into columns and rows containing the same number of circles. This game requires focus, but not too much like other puzzle games that will make you more emotionally emotional, but after you try it, this game will be an effective stress reliever.

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