5 Reasons Don't Hurry Buy PS5 now

Until now, Sony has not confirmed the exact time the PlayStation 5 (PS5) will be released. Likewise with the specifications that will be brought later.

However, there are already many enthusiastic console game fans. Reportedly, the PS5 will be equipped with god-level specifications and will be released in 2020.

 This rumor finally succeeded in making many people curious about the emergence of PS5. So, don't be surprised if you are included in the ranks of people who really want to buy this console. If so, you better hold on, deh, intention to buy PS5 when released later. You see, there are several other things you can do instead of buying the latest console from Sony.

Restrained to rush to buy PS5 ia not without reason, you know. Here, a row of reasons for you do not need to rush to buy PS5 later!

1. The price may still be expensive

Like it or not, price is one of the most important factors for some people to buy a newly released item, one of which is PS5. From the rumors circulating, the latest generation of gaming consoles from Sony is reportedly going to be rolled out with a price tag of $ 499 or equivalent to Rp7 million.

The math doesn't stop there, you know. You also have to buy an additional controller and also a game so that it can truly be called a game console. At least, there is an additional around Rp1 million more for added accessories and games.

This certainly must be a separate consideration for those of you who want to have these devices. Don't let the hype go by, you should be willing to reduce your allowance or even sell collectible items. So, it's better to wait until the storm of hype recedes and the price starts to fall.

2. PS4 and are Xbox still good

One of the best reasons not to rush to buy a PS5 when it's released is the existence of PS4 and Xbox One which is still very good to play with. These consoles are still very capable and have a long life when it comes to games, accessories, updates, to application support

Believe, deh, game developers will still release games for PS4 and Xbox One for the next 2-3 years

3. PC game are more diverse

If you really want to spend a lot of money for a game, it would be nice for you to assemble a gaming PC with high specifications. You can also buy a gaming laptop so you can play your favorite games anywhere.

Gaming PCs or laptops can also be used to do other things, besides playing games. The choice of PC games has also been very large, ranging from AAA games to indie games that have competitive prices.

Fortunately, you can play even more games from the old console by buying the digital version. Already like that, you can play the games from any PC or laptop by uploading them on a cloud system.

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